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We love our school name and logo!

Jilbup is the Nyungar word for grasslands and was the original name of Thompsons Lake in the Beeliar Wetlands. We are committed to honouring the land on which our school is built and fostering a strong connection with Nyungar country and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

The story of our logo was developed in consultation with Mark Littlepage and his team from Razoreye Design. Mark has done an outstanding job of capturing the essence of our school and the story we wanted to tell through our logo, colours and name.

  1. Colours: The logo is awash in the vibrant colours of nature. The lush green at the top symbolizes the wetlands that surround us, inspired by the Nyungar word "Jilbup" meaning grasslands. This colour represents growth, renewal, and the fertile ground upon which young minds flourish. The rich purples and pinks in the lower half of the logo depict the wildflowers that bloom during Djilba, evoking the beauty and diversity of our local ecosystem.
  2. Circle of Children: In the heart of the logo is a circle, representing our precious students. They are at the core of everything we do, and this central position underscores our dedication to their well-being and growth.
  3. Surrounding Circles: Encircling the children are several outer circles, each with its own unique significance. These circles represent the collaboration and support of various stakeholders.
    Teachers: one circle is devoted to our dedicated educators. They guide and nurture our students, helping them reach their full potential.
    Parents: another circle symbolizes the essential role of parents and guardians. Their involvement, care, and partnership in their child's education are fundamental to our success.
    Community: the larger circle enveloping all the others signifies the broader community. We believe that a strong community connection enriches the educational experience and ensures the holistic development of our students.

In its entirety, the Jilbup Primary School logo encapsulates our commitment to providing a nurturing, holistic, and community-focused education that celebrates the natural beauty and cultural heritage of our region. It's a visual reminder of our belief that together, as a harmonious circle of educators, parents, and community members, we empower our children to bloom like the wildflowers of Djilba—vibrant, diverse, and full of potential.


Three Banksias - Artwork 

“Three Banksias” is the working title of the proposed artwork for Jilbup Primary School. The work consists of a set of three interactive kinetic sculptures of varying conical and elliptical shapes installed across the Jilbup Primary School campus. Each sculptural element will be a ground-mounted piece with a form and colouration that references the bloom of a particular species of Banksia in the nearby Beeliar Wetlands.

Three species have been selected as the themes of this proposal, based on their local relevance and the unique visual characteristics of their blooms; the Candlestick Banksia (Banksia Attenuata), which produces tall, skinny yellow flowers during winter and spring, the Firewood Banksia (Banksia Menziesii), which has showy red-toned inflorescences from late summer to winter, and the Holly-Leafed Banksia (Banksia Ilicifolia), with its spikey creamy-red forms that flower year-round.


banksia art